Let's Eat at Thai Elephant


Choose from two restaurants:
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Let's Eat at Thai Elephant


Choose from two restaurants:
Padstow  (02) 9773 9678

Milperra  (02) 9792 6191





Thai Restaurant Padstow


Thai Elephant offers a wide range of traditional Thai dishes and our chefs will happily prepare custom dishes for mild palates.  You may book a beautiful banquet, and we offer BYO.

This Real Thai restaurant was the first Thai restaurant in Padstow when it opened its doors in 2007.  Somkeat Juntui started it as he was motivated by his desire to create his own food instead of working in other kitchens.  Cooking is his passion.

Somkeat opened the sister restaurant in Milperra in 2013.

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We cater to your needs with:



Home Delivery

Venue Catering

Chef's Suggestions include:

Crispy Spicy Fish

Salt & Pepper Squid

Massaman Beef Curry

Curry Powder Soft Shell Crab

A few facts about Thai food

Thai cooking emphasises lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic ingredients and a spicy angle. The well-known Thai chef McDang, in his book The Principles of Thai Cookery characterises Thai food as exhibiting "intricacy, attention to detail, texture, colour, taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits."  Australian chef David Thompson, an expert on Thai food, says that unlike many other cuisines, Thai cooking accepts complexity and is about "...the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish".

Thai cuisine is more accurately depicted as five regional cuisines, corresponding to the five main regions of Thailand.

rice noodles

Much of the food that is now popular in Thailand was of Chinese origin.

It was introduced to Thailand by the Hokkien people starting in the 15th century, and by the Teochew people who started settling in larger numbers from the late–18th century onward, mainly in the towns and cities, and who now form the majority of Thai Chinese.

Such dishes include chok, rice porridge; salapao (steamed buns); kuaitiao rat na (fried rice-noodles); and khao kha mu (stewed pork with rice). The Chinese also introduced the practice of cooking with the wok, the technique of deep-frying and stir frying dishes, several types of noodles, taochiao, soy sauces, and tofu.

One of our specialties: Stir Fried Prawn